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I have resisted app demos for years now. A small overseas team recently sent me a great pitch with an impressive app. So good that I said yes to the app demo. Wisp is clever, novel, and slick.
Kurt Elster
"The Unofficial Shopify Podcast"
Online stores are oftentimes limited to changing their banner images or using slideshows so as to “bring some life” and give a sense of freshness to their site. Wisp brings an innovative and long-awaited solution to this issue in just a few clicks! We recommend them to brands of all sizes and industries.
Michael Morales
Shopify expert, Maukau
Wisp is revolutionizing the way we reach our customers. A new lever for us - powerful, personalized and easy to plug and play with Shopify.
Benjamin Matteo
Head of Growth, Asphalte

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Share your latest product, updates and sales events and make sure your customers never miss out on what’s new.

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promote your brand

Invite your visitors to join your list, follow you on Instagram and share your brand journey.

Build a personalized
customer experience

Send contextual, customer-driven messages to increase conversions and improve CX.
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